Plutonium Futures – The Science 2014 is a topical conference that provides an international forum for presentation and discussion of current research on physical and chemical properties and environmental interactions of plutonium and other closely related actinide elements.

Topical Areas

  • Condensed matter physics
  • Surface science and corrosion
  • Metallurgy and materials science
  • Compounds, Complexes and Coordination chemistry
  • Detection and analysis
  • Nuclear fuel cycle
  • Environmental behavior and chemistry
  • Solutions and gas-phase chemistry

Conference special events

Tutorial session

Banquet speaker: Former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Dr. William Perry

Nevada National Security Site tour

For additional information, please contact the conference organizers:
Kerri Blobaum: blobaum1@llnl.gov
Scott McCall: mccall10@llnl.gov